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Hello people. I, individually,
have more than 2 years of experience on 3D modelling and 1 year on making
materials. My experience is mostly based on hard surface 3D models.

I would like to ask if you are
interested in certain type business. My suggestion is certainly about game
ready models You regularly sell 3d models online from yourself. But if 3D model
is made by several people, then you can make it faster. I suggest project where
we can make plan of making 3D models and decide who works on what. As usual, to
make 3D model you need 3D modelling and texturing skills and skill to make
materials. Then we can divide the project on three parts: modelling, texturing
and making materials.

After we see that selling 3D
models together in online marketplace, then we can think about selling them to
game dev projects that agree to pay for it.

If you are interested, we can
find something common to agree with. We can find some opportunity in online to
make agreement officially about how we will get paid of our 3d models.
Also, you can come up with your thought and ideas.

Best Regards

Mansour )


Posted over 2 years ago

Do you have anything to show us? your skills in 3d modelling?

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