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i posted some of my renders here, but, they changed to 1:1 ratio, zoomed and downgraded. can someone help? i want to share them on 16:9


Posted 6 months ago

You can't. (or rotate 90° if you feel it works for you)

Sathariel wrote
but it ruins the beauty of renders! i wish they could add this new feature, something changing sizes or etc.
Posted 6 months ago

You can add white bars to the top and bottom of your image to make it square, like i did here: That doesn't change the fact that cgtrader's gallery is retarded though.

Sathariel wrote
yeah adding white or black bars is what came to my mind too. i hope the change it. it's disturbing and wasting time for just posting photos. i wonder why, cause in the model uploading, that's not an issue.

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