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Im kind of new to this free lancing thing can you give me some tips? i use blender mainly for 3d stuff

im kind of puzzled how this thing works, if a person creates a Project then lets say 10 people applied to it does it mean that 10 people would be making the same model and the host of the project would pick which one is the best? or does he pick one from those 10 applicants to work on his/her project? and are there guarantees you wouldnt be scammed after you send them your work?


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It works like this

1. person A creates a project
2. 10 freelancers applies to it with their proposals
3. person A chooses one freelancer from them (person B)
4. he then prepays negotiated sum to cgtrader (full amount)
5. person B gets notified about that by e-mail and can start working on the project
6. when job is done, person B uploads all the files through project dashboard
7. if person A is satisfied with the job, he marks the project as finished and payment is released to person B

praetorian06 wrote
Daaang, im nearly halfway on finishing the project i applied from my bad. thank you for replying you saved me more time. i guess ill sell the model here instead
LemonadeCG wrote
First of all, you should never start working on something without securing payment first. Second, you should be careful about selling something that you worked as commissioned project (even if it wasn't real commission). The object that you are making might contain sensible information, or might be based on original idea. I'd suggest to ask permision from project owner first. After all, it's not his fault that you've started working on something for what you won't be paid.
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alrighty, thanks for the heads up and the dont's, i would keep them in mind i know its not his fault, newbie mistake any other thing to keep in mind when freelancing? how about pricing offer most of the time i see $50 is it a good idea to have a lower asking price if what the host task is kind of easy to do?

LemonadeCG wrote
$50 is default and the lowest possible offer for public projects. It's up to you if you want to work for less, but i personally never do that - i prefer that client would chose me because of my expertise, not because of my low bid.
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What about "no deadline"? How person A will choise person B?

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