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Good Day! Have you ever seen a widget that you really wanted, but it didn't work with the program you have? I know I have! Sooo, I want to please the public, and I've decided one way to do that is too have all my widgets in a format that everyone can download! But since that's impossible, how about I export my widgets in the formats you want!!! So starting today, if you wish too download one of my widgets, but it isn't in a format you can download, message me! Tell me what widget it is, what format you need it in, and I will do my best to get it in your format!!! So, God Bless You, and happy downloading!!!

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Posted about 10 years ago

Always try to provide .obj as this is a format almost every 3d app can import, or at least get a plugin to import. 3DS is similar, but has lots of limitations.

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