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ı uploaded my test model I'm logging out fbx like a reference, it gives an error ı need help

Expected: Mat_{object}, found: Material #25

File TEST-69a0fd4c.fbx has cm units, when m were expected


Posted about 2 months ago

frankly the naming system is one of the most discouraging things about wildcat...
But apparently the name of your material is Material #25, you should name it as Mat_(name of your object), ex: if your object (not the file) is called fbx7 you should name the material applied to it as Mat_fbx7.... well that's what it seems to me

Posted about 2 months ago

I find the most bizarre thing about wildcat, is that they have dedicated support forum, where all such things can be discussed, yet they doesn't bother to tell about it to the new users and leave them wonder in the dark, searching for help all over the internet. IMO that speaks volumes about their attitude towards the people who works for them.

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