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So, I´m trying to apply for the WildCat by doing a test assignment. It´s actually a simple task, fixing a 3d model under some specific requirements, assign textures and export an fbx file. I´m using Blender.

My problem is the fbx misses some textures, although those are present in the blend file. I´m assuming the fbx format doesn´t support transparency and the multiply mixing the AAOO texture with the base color texture. So... How are we supposed to export a functioning fbx? Am I missing something?

Link to the screenshot:



Posted 2 months ago

iam not certain, but parity sure fbx will allow only one texture per channel (say for color you would bake all the nodes u have till you are left with just one texture)

Posted about 2 months ago

Ha, I actually dealt with this today.
After looking around I found that missing textures can be caused by a number of things, one of them is the Alpha slider at the bottom of your Shader node is set to 0 which can sometimes result in the textures not appearing. The other possible cause is the setting when importing or exporting an fbx file. When importing make sure that image search is ticked as if you're using an image texture the computer will need a filepath to find it (if ur object is bright pink that's probably what happened). When exporting, check the top of the side bar to find the different settings for file paths when exporting, when you're sending to someone who doesn't have the images saved locally, a little box next to the "Path Mode" drop-down will let you imbed textures you would otherwise need locally. If you didn't make the textures try contacting whoever made the model to see if they can send you any missing image textures. If all else fails you may have to straight copy the texture information in the nodes(if you have them of course).

Finally, it sounds dumb but it's happened to me before, check that your viewport is set to render textures, it can be very easy to forget which one ur on & panic.
- Good Luck

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