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I am setting up a Instagram account right now for the purpose of promoting my models. As I have found out until now I cannot add link unless I am a verified. Maybe I am wrong about that, but if I can't link to my models, then I have little use of Instagram.

Does anybody here use Instagram for promotion? Any success? Some tips or tracks how make use of Instagram to boost sell?


Posted 5 months ago

I have one account for my models. Non commercial and free. And useless. Looks like there is no correlation between (my) instagram publications and CGtrader. And "cgtrader" hashtag seems not as popular.

Posted 5 months ago

I can confirm, Instagram isn't worth the effort if you want to attract sales.

Posted 5 months ago

I am maybe conservative but if I was potential buyer (game developer etc.) I would primarily visit marketplace (CGT or other) and would search specific model which I need.
I don't how social network can help me to search specific 3D model. My opinion is that dealing with social networks is only wasting of time.

zabotlama wrote
I don't know how social network...
Posted 5 months ago

I get inquiries about my models through social media, so i can say that in general, social media helps to reach wider audience, but not the instagram. On this one, i have to agree with others - instagram sucks and is not worth your time.

Posted 5 months ago

I use pinterest allot, its a great tool to spread images (including link), its also very useful to find other artists and inspiration/reference material. Also great for creating your own moodboards on private pages, etc.

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