Everytime there is a sale most sellers raise their prices ... why is cgtrader allowing that ?

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Everytime there is a sale most sellers raise their prices ... why is cgtrader allowing that ?

It would be quite easy to stop such a scam by not allowing sellers to increase the price during a sale and only lower it.


Posted over 1 year ago

In my view, this is outright fraud. No matter what reason can't do it. I think this kind of price modification needs to be resisted. Maybe you need to choose a more professional store

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B: yes, we are tired of fraud. It is a business model to sell high prices for some of the same quality goods. We should go to a professional store and find a professional shop if you need it.


Posted over 2 years ago

We have a massive problem with undercutting. Maybe you haven't realized that the overall prices are quite low. Sale offs campaigns tried to force creators raise their prices in order to stop unfair competition, but unfortunately it seems that most of us aren't increasing our prices in a permanent basis. I don't see how CGTrader can control this without incurring in dishonest behaviour towards creators. Myself as a seller have opt out of the sale-offs as there are a lot of them during the year and it doesn't make sense to me, I prefer establishing fixed and hopefully fair prices for all my products, so please don't blame to all of us sellers.
Best regards.

acera17 wrote
I actually think like you, undercutting mixed with the breathtaking number of models give us a lot of matters to sell 3D models online at a fair price :/
selfix wrote
fully agreed

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