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So, iam sure most if you seen the news: epic bought cgtrader's competitor. not the squid, the other one with 3d viewer, you know :)

It seems they are starting to take only 12 percent for sold model if i understand correctly. any thoughts? how / if it will disrupt 3d selling markets ?


Posted 14 days ago

The owners would have to evaluate that and adjust their rates to remain competitive, if they think that the buyout is a threat.

Posted 14 days ago

Why would you think that this move would affect/disrupt 3D stock marketplace in any meaningful way? Is it because of the fee reduction? I don't think so, there's already some marketplaces that has even lower fees, but nobody's panicking about that. Besides, due to the way sketchfab is handling payments, their new 12% cut will be about the same as cgtrader's 20% I was getting significantly lower amount of money from the same models on sketchfab compared to cgtrader and that was the reason why i started to increase prices over there. Now i will be able to equalise them without hurting myself. better for the customers, not much difference for me.

Mantas-Talmantas wrote
i dont know if it will disrupt anything, just looking for opinions on that :) Regarding 12 percent being similar to 20 percent - why is that? sins cgtrader pays off per month not per model? how does that work? .. also its not all of us here that gives 20 percent to cg trader - only big guys like you :P So now epic has its unreal store, arstation store and skechfab store, but it doesn't seem they are planing to unite them in any way.
LemonadeCG wrote
@Mantas-Talmantas, we can discuss this in PM if you want. I don't think it's very sensible to go into details about sketchfab store on the public forum of its direct competitor.
Posted 9 days ago

Dealing for many years with both Epic and Sfab I can definitely expect nothing good will turn out of this :(

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