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When I started my researching about your Wildcat affiliate program because your advertising sounded too good enough to be true, the little information and references that I found were a few posts on CGTrader's own forums were people gives very bad reviews about you and your program.... now I understand why.

Sadly I have verified by myself that every word mentioned against you on the forums is actually true. Wildcat is an absolute waste of effort and time, and as if that weren't enough you guys are pitifully rude to your applicants.

First at all, because of the UNREALISTIC specifications you are requesting in the assignment models, such as a polygon count less than 45k in a model based on pure curves WITHOUT LOSING DEFINITION, as well as textures smaller than 2048px WITHOUT BLURRINESS OR PIXELATION. Excuse me WHAT?!

Second and beyond the above, the audacity on your part to give yourself the task to send an email to the applicant where the main point is to recriminate that ACCORDING TO YOU the applicant did not pay enough attention to the requirements before delivering the models is an ode to arrogance

Third, my model is so much better than what you are able to recognize, if your false expectations are based on a magical world where the models can be seen as objects in super high resolution without exceeding a certain number of polygons then all of you in Wildcat seriously need to make an urgent trip to reality and land your demands.

Fourth, neither I nor any applicant has any tacit working responsibility with you, and that even if it were, I would not grant you the right to address in such a disrespectful way presupposing that the main issue was that the aspirant didnt put attention enought to the requeriments... If you would had the same efforts to provide a timely truly clear and useful guidance on how to achieve the magical results you're hoping to obtain from us, instead of send such a kind of useless and arrogant emails and chat communications, then perhaps the level of success and productivity of Wildcat would also benefit, guys... hope you realize you're also not popular because of have a large amount of tasks pending to assign, and that should have told you something by now about your performance as a company

I am very sorry to have wasted my valuable time giving you an opportunity to show me that you were not what is said on the web, and I am very sorry that you are not prepared to be a successful company in a near future, because unfortunately for you, your attitude, arrogance, lack of sensitivity and inability to recognize potential won't get you very far. As a company, you are million light years far away from great references like Sketchfab.

I won't waste my time with you guys again anymore.


Posted 4 months ago

I don't use wildcat nor im interested in it or how it works, but 45k polygons is a lot of polygons to play with if you know what are you doing. Request that you described there, is a school example of game model requierments (>45k , >2048) creating something inside those parameters that look good is science on it's own, some people are up to the task, some don't and that's the nature of the beast, but putting claims like yours is absurd. Also you mentioned that your model is so much better than they recognized, I hope that this isn't some narcistic expression because good/better/fantastic in someones eyes doesn't necessarily mean the same thing in someone else's, also we are talking about 3d models wich in most cases have use, so sometimes model with a agreat amount of details is discarded because it doesn't fit the bill for whatever reason, no offense but to me looks like that this topic is written purely in a subjective way.

TsubasaArt wrote
I very much doubt that you are not interested in Wildcat because here you are trying to reply about a topic that you clearly do not know and answering about aspects that you do not handle. Your answer lost validation since you mentioned you're not interested in this topic, so bye. I'm not even trying to discussing your weak argue
PhantomG wrote
It's the other way around, your argument is laughable and absurd, and why it's laughable and absurd ? Because obviously you are not up to the task, in fact you are very very far from it, and please don't come here to complain because of your own incompetence, lack of knowladge and skill, it doesn't matter if it's wildcat or something else. As far as wildcat goes, someone told me a long time ago "If you are very good at something, don't sell it cheap". Now go and learn, you will need a lot of learning, judging by your 45k polygons, 2048k textures argument, don't waist time.
Posted 4 months ago

The thing that I sad the most is every round adjustment need to be done in 24 hours. And the adjustment is not really adjustment, it's like you need to make it from scratch again. Irony that QA is being too slow sometimes they may drag like 1-2 weeks, they have so many time for themselves for really less time for us designers.

Posted 4 months ago

Hi there,

Thank you for letting us know.

We are sorry you had to go through this. Your feedback has been forwarded to our support team.

Greta from CGTrader

Posted 4 months ago

I read the Wildcat agreement and it seems that any work you do for it means the copyright of what you submit passes to CGT. Did I read this right? So work done for Wildcat can not be sold on in future.

TsubasaArt wrote
Yes, that's correct, the Wildcat models you submit are exclusively for them :/
Posted 3 months ago

Does Wildcat have somthing to do with Cgtrader-ARsenal? Are freelancers in wildcat the ones who model the stuff for the customers there?
I just got an answer after my first round in wildcat and I am actually not that sure if it's a good idea to continue. They haven't changed any of their expectations yet, it's still the same.

TsubasaArt wrote
I have no idea, all their ecosystem is pretty much confusing to me, i´m done with CGTrader too.
Posted 2 months ago

hi, there please me i m stuck at project wildcat its show the error :- Objects have non reset transforms .
please help me how can i solve it?

TsubasaArt wrote
I´ve replied to you inbox because i saw your inbox first

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