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Hello friends of cg trader, this goes for people who do private projects, and also so that they do not make the mistake that I made.

I did a private job for this user

in fact I did a lot of work for him. And since there was trust, lately he started and delivered the works before he prepared the project.

Today after 3 days of work I turned in the last job, which was a whole kitchen. and he just canceled the project and I was left with nothing.

I know I was stipulated for trusting like this, but I write this so that they do not fall into his trap and do not work for him, nor trust anyone. Scammers are on all sides.

I already sent a message to the support, with the chat screens showing all the work done and done.

Please excuse me if I offend someone for publishing this, but I was very angry about what this guy did.

Excuse my bad english


Posted 10 months ago

I'm just curious: did he provide you with any reason for cancelling the project? Was any communication between the two of you after the project was cancelled? I don't blame you for being angry, but that's the chance we take when doing private projects for commission. Perhaps you can make this part of your model portfolio and sell it. I know you do mostly private work, but you might end up making more money with this over time, in the long run.

Good luck going forward.

thedarkforce3d wrote
hi luxxeon. We had agreed a price for the job, and later he wanted to pay me much less. Obviously I refused and he just canceled the project and never answered again. and about reselling it is not possible because they are models for a mod of the sims 4 game not for use in architecture for example. but it does not matter. just post this so they are careful if they work for him. Do not do work without first ensuring at least the prepayment.
luxxeon wrote
Oh, I see now. That really is a bad situation, my friend. I'm very sorry this happened. I agree the only way to offset behavior like this is to require a prepayment percentage at the start of the project. Thanks for the heads-up regarding the issue, and better luck in the future.
Posted 10 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I'm wondering if there is some value in CGT implementing a rating/reputation system for customer similar to that used for designers. Might give us a heads up on the toxic ones. Probably not, I guess nothing is stopping customers from just creating a new log on each time they get a negative rating.

thedarkforce3d wrote
yes. A customer rating system would be good. Unfortunately it does not exist, anyway I hope this is seen by many people who do private work. So that they do not trust anyone, 20 or more jobs I did with this subject, so trust and do not charge before submitting the job. It doesn't matter anymore. just be careful and don't be like me lol
Posted 10 months ago

What i like about cgtrader's freelancing system, is that its very secure and unless you do something very stupid, like start working and/or deliver files without securing prepayment, it's pretty low chances that you'll be screwed here. I did more than 100 jobs here and never had problems with clients. But of course you still have to be careful and think before acting - i had several cases where people tried to convince me to start working on their projects without prepayment and would dissapear when i insisted to follow proper procedure.

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