Do high poly models sell if they are not meant for 3d printing?

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i mean. game assets need low poly models. but do people buy high poly models for animation or any other projects if they are good


Posted 7 days ago

in general yes, high poly models could sell. Though obviously if the model is also 3d printable or have other qualities that allow for more uses, then there will be more demand for it.

Posted 7 days ago

yes sold

Posted 6 days ago

And 3d -printing models sells not well.
Only if you have 2000 stolen or generated with buggy "matrix" or "rhinogold" shit-items, glued from library parts.
Or if you are the "studio" that sells models made by asisn "modelers" for promising don't beat them or for two bananas.
Or maybe zbrush-ish hipsterish shit that looks brilliant on the screen and (commonly) more looks like shiny soapy shit after printing, casting and finishing.

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