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Hi there,

the CGt's designer ranking working with reputation score? or it works with some rules that we never know?

because I'm sure is not only reputation I checked other user close to me in the designer ranking ..and it looks as no logic .

example .

my ranking #1221 :

  • Models: 25

  • Profile Views: 11.2k

  • Reputation: 1,611

another user close to me #1031

  • Models: 6

  • Profile Views: 3.35k

  • Reputation: 1,605



Posted about 4 years ago

You can sort designers in list by relevance or by reputation. As far as i can tell, both options gives exactly the same output - it sorts list by reputation. There's one bug though, ranking numbers got stuck about month or so ago and that may give you impression that list is not working or has no logic.

Posted about 4 years ago

I see you've edited your post with example. What's so confusing in it for you? I see it's perfectly normal. Your reputation is 1611, while your "neighbours" is 1605. It's reputation that tells where you in that list, not models count or profile views.

Posted about 4 years ago
2 is "just" the ranking # that doesn't work properly?

Posted about 4 years ago

Yes. It's a bug. It used to work as expected... sometimes :]

Posted about 4 years ago

thank you for the advice! :)

Posted about 4 years ago

The changes made to the freeloading and getting points for that has evened things out in my opinion. Before people were all banking on using that to move up the ranks. I saw so many artists not caring at all about the actual quality of their models and just putting up a few models and then lots and lots of free models. They used the free models to get views and build their score but that is cheating and it is a terrible way of doing business so I am so glad that loop hole has been closed. It is very likely that those people's score will now stay the same or get lowered quite quickly now that they can't get points for screwing the system.

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