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Discussion started by miau-hbic

So, are customer support on vacation or something? Why are my tickets not being responded to?


Posted 2 months ago

No, not on vacation. Response may take 10-14 days due to high workload.

mak21 wrote
sorry for the reasoning... but if assistance responds after 10 - 14 days to a customer.... it's likely that they will go elsewhere to make purchases... that's too many days.
jaguarbeastproduction wrote
14 days - max period related to huge increase of tickets related to Hyperwallet and payments. Current average response time is 8 days. If the number of tickets doesn't increase exponentially, response time will continue to decrease.
Posted 2 months ago

Hello, they usually answer within a few days

Posted about 2 months ago

They are busy responding just to "few" unhappy customers about the new mandatory monopoly payout system.

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