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Hi in all.

I'm new to this business (salling 3D moodel)

I noticed that many sellers make the main priority on the number of models and not on quality

the question is ripening of doing less but better or a lot but below average quality????

Who works by what principle can share your experience...


Posted 6 months ago

In my experience buyers are looking for quality. Why would someone buy your average model if someone else has loaded a better quality one? A few buyers may be motivated by a lower price on an average model, but in my experience, there are not many such buyers. In fact when I experimented with lower prices, I was getting less sales. Presumably low priced items scare customers off because they think there is something wrong with your model, or it's pirated, or something.

All large quantities does is clog up the search system. There are thousands and thousands of average or low quality items on this site already, adding to those will not get you sales.

Having said that, quantity is important. The more models you have, the more views, the greater likelihood of a sale.

So IMO, you should be aiming to make the best quality you can, but not by add ridiculous amount of days to the development time. So a steady flow of high-quality items is my advice.

And if in doubt, quality over quantity every time.

MovART wrote
Thanks for sharing your experience...recently I came across several sellers who have 3-10 models good quality...but with very fewer views I don’t think they are happy with the sales) Without sales more likely to quit this business...I think many do it
everyplant wrote
Not sure if too many people are happy with their sales. I don't think anyone ever made it rich in this business! All I can say is just keep adding to your portfolio and sales will eventually follow ... just don't expect to buy a Ferarri from the proceeds. :)
MovART wrote
I think you may earn good money. Yes, we will not buy Ferarri but...)))
Posted 6 months ago

In 3d models for jewelry production quality is very important. But 3d model will be printed - on such step quality may be worst than on the render. Next step is metal casting and later jeweller... Real Buyer understan all of these moments...

MovART wrote
for jewelery, this is another matter, it is necessary to print there so that the quality should be at the level...
Exact-3D wrote
Poor quality is always bad, of course... To make bad 3d is still bad way...

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