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So you click on "Browse Freelance Jobs" you see a project you'd like to work on

You send them your qualifications, how do you know if you get hired?
and when do you get paid?

After I send my qualifications the poster of the job will always reply once and
they always have worse grammar than on the listing they posted themselves or no words at all
just pictures.

I would love someone who has been hired and paid from these freelancing cgtrader jobs
to tell me how their experience went.

because I am under the impression that these listings are mostly some sort of scam
and that no jobs are actually ever completed.


Posted 11 days ago

I've never done any freelance jobs on this site, but I'm sure that if there were scam jobs out there that CGTrader would crack down on them right away. This isn't to say that there are no problems with the freelance jobs. Look through the forum and see the postings of some customers and artists that felt they have been wronged and want to call out the artist or the customer in a public forum to give warning to others to not use them.

Personally, I find the jobs oversubscribed. Some of the postings expect a complex job on a low budget and yet there are many artists who apply. It's a buyers market on here.

Posted 11 days ago

If the client is interested in hiring you, he'll reply to your application.
Then you can discuss the details of the project and agree on the price. Upon agreement, client will hire you and prepay the funds for the project.
*Do not start any serious work before funds are prepaid.*
*Do not accept "half now, half after completion" payment*

First you need to protect yourself to get paid after finishing the project. Client's funds are secured by CGT. You'll get paid only after you send to client what he asked and what you agreed for. If the client "runs away" after he gets the final files, you can always ask CGT support to review the project and to release funds in your favor. This is why it's important that the funds are prepaid and secured by CGT.

I just checked my profile and I see that I made round 50 projects in last two and a half years. So far, I wasn't scammed. I apply to projetcs that I belive I'm capable of doing. Also, I don't apply to projects If I see thet I might have communication problem or the price is too low.
Keep in mind that many designers apply to same project and clients often choose the offer with smallest price. It may take some time and many applications to get hired.

xerxes6696 wrote
Ah i see so they will have to immediately pay the full amount but it will be withheld by cgtrader until i deliver the final files how do you know that the "pre-payment" has been transferred to cgtrader? like what message does cg trader say? So one of the clients have actually "hired" me i should say and i can tell that because there was a message from cgtrader that said "this person has Invited you to work on this project" and the status of that project became private and when I said to them that I am waiting for pre-payment they haven't replied since. so that's why I am under the impression that most of the people there are just waiting for some poor clueless soul to work on their project for free thinking that the pay will come after (without prepayment) and just disappear with no consequences whatsoever.
gjuroo wrote
When project is prepaid you get the message "Project was prepaid and moved to In progress tab.". As LemonadeCG said, you also get all notifications through the e-mail. Scammers are all around us but there are also good people who just want to get project done. I had a client that hired me twice in a span of few months.... Maybe he didn't realize that I already done one of his projects.... Both times he stopped replying after he got final files. Since the project were prepaid, I contacted CGT support to review the project, they checked if my files were good and marked projects "as finished". Be careful, be patient, follow the rules, make sure that the client also follows the rules, do a good job and you'll get paid.
Posted 11 days ago

Just to add to what's already has been said - you will be informed by the e-mail about each important event on the freelance job that you have applied to. If you will follow these e-mails carefully, you will know when and if you can start on the project. The risk to be scammed is very small therefore.

Posted 10 days ago

You can trust the freelance jobs that are in cgtrader, I did a few without problems.

The only problem and scam that I see there is that some recruiters are really miserable, offer ridiculous payments and want you to do the Sistine Chapel for them in exchange. So I would recommend that you only choose well-paid jobs, since those who offer 50 measly dollars for a job I assure you are "people" who are only going to give you problems.

And regarding the wait, almost everything has already been said by other colleagues, from my experience I will tell you that if in a couple of days no one answers your request, then either you have not been chosen or the project will not be carried out, so dont worry and next..

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