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In Marvelous Designer, when putting my character model's jacket over their shirt, it causes the clothing to shake around. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?


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This is caused by one item of clothing intersecting with another. You can improve this by playing around with the simulation settings, but the process of smoothing this out is far too detailed to go into here.

Perhaps more importantly, it's unlikely you'll get quick and accurate answers regarding MD on this forum. You really need to address these concerns in the MD forum itself where there is a far greater density of experts in the field.

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Um, I doubt it's too complicated to go into here... You seem to have the answer, so please just tell me. I really need to get this fixed as soon as possible. It's really important.

I currently can't post on the MD forum. It thinks I'm a spam bot. I'm been trying for days now, and it's just not happening. Please, just tell me how to fix this. Can you send a PM? Are you on any other sites that would be easier for you to explain it on? I'll do pretty much anything to get this fixed at this point.

everyplant wrote
Actually, I haven't used MD in many years and don't have a detailed step-by-step for you. And it is that complicated. It involves massaging the simulation settings, the collision detection, the density of the cloth polygons, the simulation thickness of the cloths, or some other combination of setting. I don't think there is a single setting that fixes this perfectly. Maybe placing the cloths in slightly different positions in the 3D window will cause the simulation to run slightly differently. I'm not being obtrusive or difficult and I'm certainly not hiding an answer from you. Anyway, play with the simulation setting, good luck.
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@everyplant I really don't understand how you could know if it really is that complicated if you can't actually give me a detailed step-by-step. I'm not saying that the FIX isn't that complicated, I'm saying that giving a detailed explanation on a forum that's made for these kinds of questions isn't that complicated.

But anyway, if someone else has an answer, I would really appreciate it.

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Without knowing what exactly you're working on, I'd like to put the whole character (except additional armour, if you can combine various clothing/armor) in body groups.
For example, if this was to be the basic outfit, I would export a .smd and make a new full smd body for each of the different outfits. This clothed model does not have to be under the original body. This would only be polygon waste (and increase the change of mesh clipping).

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