Client has refunded after I sent a preview 3d model

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Hello dear designers

I have done a project for a client, and when I sent a preview 3d model the client refunded the money and archived the project.

He or she gave me a concept image of a female warrior, and asked me to do a .stl model for print.

I created the model, and I'm sure it wasn't perfect, but I wanted to discuss which parts need to be adjusted or edited to make it absolutely what he or she wants. I usually provide images to do this, but this time I decided to send a 3D preview version of the model.

He or she simply said that " you can stop working on it because it is not what I wanted."

I said I would do any adjustments if needed, but he or she refunded the project easily, and refused to talk to me further.

Most of my clients are super happy with my work all the time and always come back for more projects, and to be honest this is the first time I'm facing such a situation.

I want to attach images of what he wanted me to make, and what I made for him so you (as more experienced individuals) can comment on what may have caused this to happen.

Here's what he wanted:

Here's what I made for him:

I know what I've made is not perfect, but I didn't expect to be treated this way.

1- Do you think I'm a lousy artist who failed to do what she was told to?

2- Or do you think the client was happy with the stl file and decided to refund the money?

please let me know.


Posted about 2 months ago

I think you should contact the support and press them to review decission to refund the project. If it's true that you agreed to make significant changes to the model and the client didn't give you a single chance to improve the outcome, then cgtrader shouldn't have to issue a refund, without attempting to communicate between each side. This is not the first time when i see designers complaining about how cgtrader issues a refund without trying to review situation and are basing their decision solely on request of a client. This trend makes me worry.

uber-illusionist wrote
Thanks for your response. That is the exact problem that I ran into. The client just mentioned this: You can stop working on it because this is not what I want. I said if you think the model needs any adjustments then you should only talk to me, and I will make any adjustments that you wish, but the client didn't say any more words. I personally believe that I shouldn't have given away the .stl version so easily. He may have been satisfied with the model, and say why should I pay for it when I have the model. I always give my clients lifetime guarantee on the models that I create. I make adjustments even after the project is marked as finished and the money is released. I didn't deserve to be treated this way.
Posted about 2 months ago

There are multiple scenarios for this kind a case I'll just mention some of those. 1. Maybe customer didn't provided enough reference for the stuff he/she want's so that led to misunderstanding between artist and customer, the result is for example model that can't be fixed with adjustments and can only be "fixed" by building new model from 0 and customer doesn't have enough time to wait for new model to be build so he/she refunded project. This case in my opinion is customers fault because you need to be precise and realistic about what you want because we are not psychics we are artists. 2. Maybe artist is not up to task but he took project anyway wich result in a model that is far from customers wishes, again customer maybe doesn't have time for new model to be built or just simply got the "picture" on wich "level" is particular artist and based on that customer doesn't want to waist time with someone who can't fulfill expectation. 3. There are peoples who don't know what they want, nothing is good for them and their expectation is far beyond what is realisticly posible. 4. All kinds of scammers. I think in this case someone saw oportunity (stl model) for scam and he/she took it and that's all. Your error uber-illusionist is sending stl. But I understand why you did that. Cgt must review those kind of cases thoroughly as Lemonade said it's really a bad trend is getting more popular.

uber-illusionist wrote
Thanks for your time, and response I totally understand what you say, and I have to admit giving away the stl is really something I will never do again in my entire career. Besides, I believe some of these concept artists are over-proud of the simple drawings that they make. They give you a 2D drawing in the level of an elementary student, but they expect a Disney or Hollywood level 3D model for the cheapest price ever possible. And like you mentioned, they suppose we are psychics and can tell somebody's fortune by a simple glance at their palm.
PhantomDesign wrote
The thing is that we have to deal with all kinds of peoples here and currently cgt is doing nothing to protect artists from this. I think that whole this project system should be changed and revised.
Posted about 2 months ago

Personally i think it was successful attempt to get the model without paying a penny. In other words - theft. I wouldn't blame designer for giving the final file to the client, because the project was prepaid and designer should feel safe and confident that he will be paid wor his effort. I always send intermediate and final files to the clients when project is prepaid, otherwise it would be very hard to work. In my opinion, the most to blame for the outcome of this situation is to cgtrader - they SHOULD NOT issue refund without hearing from both sides. This is very ill practise and it should STOP! @uber-illusionist i really hope that you won't leave it like this and will demand explanation and compensation from cgtrader. Please do this for your own and for all your fellow designers good.

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