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Is there anyway to check what traffic do I have on my models? Some kind of chart showing me when exactly do I have a bigger interest in terms of visits would be very useful. I have slower and faster periods in sales and would like to know the reason for it. Sometimes I don't get any sales for a week and then for couple of days in a raw I can get few a day. My sales come and go in waves (it is not only about whether there is a discount or not) and I would like to analyze the reason for this.


Posted about 2 years ago

Hmm before you had the views number on each model in "my models" but they removed it... It was such a bad news :/

Posted about 2 years ago

Oh sorry just checked they put it back, as much for me, go into your "my models" tab and filter by view numbers

Posted about 2 years ago

Also interested in this question. I just can't understand why there are periods without sales for several days or even weeks, and then several sales in a row

ElVisuelo wrote
I noticed that my sales curve was looking like a sinusoidal function. You too ?
3dmojito wrote
Yes. Something like these)

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