Cgtraders do need a Follower Option

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it would help sellers more have their loyal fans and their model will show to the followers first


Posted 5 months ago

IMO it's not social network but MARKETPLACE. And IMO (again) lots of people don't likes to be bothered by SPAM (all marketing "notifications" is spam that irritates people more than gives useful information). I'm sure, there is no problem for customer or buyer to find seller/designer (and if it's "loyal" customer, it's very easy to find "lost" designer using the tools that already exists and functioning normally).

Khatri3D wrote
many other selling sites have it like 3dexport cults3d Renderhub
Posted 5 months ago

+1 This idea. There is a few designers Id like to follow instead of having to bookmark them.

Regarding notifications - like all platforms you should be able to disable notifications based on your preferences.

Khatri3D wrote
yes this is i am talking about. More features but with Freedom to control
skapricorn wrote
OK :) Try to disable some notifications on LinkedIn... it works??? :))))))
Posted 5 months ago

There was already a system of followers and it was useless. The only thing it would do would be to further distort the scoring systems, because users with multiple clones will follow themselves and have an army of fictional followers. Just like now the votes and comments made by users who are the same person are manipulated. If it is done it would have to be done well and it is one more thing to worry about, which would take time and personnel to maintain it.

I think there are more important and urgent things to which CGT should dedicate its efforts, such as fixing the search system, or the model scoring system. You should avoid habitual behaviors such as manipulating the punctuation of the models including 100 times the same image and a long text in the description, taken from Wikipedia. You should make it mandatory to fill in the model information, which is most often left blank (number of vertices ...) and is something buyers want to know. You must improve keyword filtering, streamline the management of sellers registration that is currently 15 days. And above all, fight against the fraud that floods us, and that is getting out of hand.

Mineral3D wrote
Yep! - Far too many clone clowns out there... :( Not only the ones who obviously steal also the ones who make one object, change color of it lots of times and create "new items" which end up in so called "color packs".
Posted 5 months ago

Yea this would be a good way to get in touch with your fans.

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