CgTrader site is getting buggy every day and the sellers paying!!

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A customer has bought a model from my page and couldn't find the download link or the link does not work for some reason. And he immediately gives a negative rating. This download issue happens very often. And I don't even understand what is this issue, is he really cant find the download link on the page or the link really doesnt work. Can cgtrader backend team get into this issue asap? This is the third time a customer tells me he couldn't download the model. This is giving us a bad reputation. I don't know if other sellers get this kind of basic issue, if so how you proceed?


Posted about 1 month ago

Hi there,

The support team has contacted you and resolved this issue.

Austėja from CGTrader

qur wrote
Yes, they did really fast and thanks for that. But I am trying to understand why this basic issue happens this often?
austeja-ambrazeviciute wrote
There are number of reason why such situation occurs. It might be because link valid for 24 hours has stopped working, or it might be because users might not know how to download the model, or there might be trouble with processing payments and the model becomes available after some time. Unfortunately, there is no single cause. However, if you receive negative rating because of this reason, you can always contact us via and we will help you.
qur wrote
Thanks for the explanation.
Posted about 1 month ago

I've had the same problem. 1 negative review and that was because he said there were no textures :( That was long ago and I still have the bad review.

luxxeon wrote
I feel your pain. I had 1 negative review a while back which I resolved with the customer and he was ultimately satisfied in the end, but the review still stands and it knocked my rating down almost two stars. Takes a while to rebuild that back up too, unfortunately.
SimonTGriffiths wrote
Yeah! Annoying isn't it? This was 100% the customer's fault and after I solved his problem he didn't even say thanks :(
rushidimber wrote
Ohh... I have uploded all my files I mean one whole package and Source folder separate also... and also a separate working file.... so there will be no issue in downloading files... or broken links. yes but its a system fault why should artist getting negative ratings for that...
Posted about 1 month ago

I never caught this issue... but this is helpful for me

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