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good morning guys, 

i got those thoughts in my head and would like to share it with
you :)

when i joined cgtrader at the first because i like the name and
then because of the nice and friendly attitude of the team specially Dalia
as  she is open minded and welcoming new
ideas, and sure the site interface :)

i believe more control is needed from the cgtrader management , specially
the FREE models on this site, if the designers will have a free models then why
to design ?

the weekly points system is limiting the reputation from growing
up as before that any designer upload a new model he/she will find other
designers to view ,like the model , but now its discouraging others to support
the creativity and the productivity of new comers designers or the old
designers when they upload a new model.

i raise my hand to stop this weekly points thing until the
management find the right way to do it

and to make a limitation of the free models for each

it will be great if the new designers could have a chance to show
there models in the front page where is the iron baby , it's nice if it can be
replaced every 10 days or 2 weeks

thank you guys for reading 


Posted almost 7 years ago

i agree with you and i also told cg trader to publish new models also at the front page where is iron baby model

Posted almost 7 years ago

i definitely agree with changing front page. i'd even go with having up to three models there for example. it gives designers exposure and also motivation. having three models on the front page for example from three different categories is much better than one sitting there.

Posted almost 7 years ago

Yes Dalia is always support the designers with her ideas. And yes ı agree your idea they Change the model on front page like a 2 weeks

Posted almost 7 years ago

Hi guys!

Thanks a lot for the comments, it is great to hear your opinions on the way the website should work, we really appreciate it :)

On the topic of free models. At CGTrader, we try to give you as many ways of making money as possible. We think that it makes sense to have a few 3D models for free to get the buyers acquainted with your work - so that they can later buy your paid models or book you for jobs.

We are currently working to give you the usernames of the designers who downloaded your free models - so that you can be in touch and understand who are the customers of your models. After the download, the users see additional ads from CGTrader on other websites, urging them to come back and buy models - so the free models are in a way just a teaser to get them on CGTrader. This is why we often recommend to have some of your models for free - it is of course an eternal discussion, but we have noticed that free models can be a good starting point for more casual buyers :)

Now weekly challenge - I think there were some awesome points raised in the previous thread. It is pretty clear that we need to adjust some points and make more weight to model uploads. We will change it a bit and will let you know.

About the frontpage we agree as well :) Some version of this will be coming soon.

Posted almost 7 years ago

Good point about free assets... but, what happens when an artist give all of their collection for free? I think it would be a good idea if you could only upload 2-3 free items, it's a way to show your work without abuse.

Posted almost 7 years ago

I agree with limiting free models per designer. The reason we are here is to sell models and make some money. The quality of the models given for free should also be checked. Textured and complex models should not be given for free. Just my 2 cents.

Posted almost 7 years ago

Just my two cents here; I really frown upon being able to upload an unlimited amount of free models. I believe it would make more sense and artists more money if the amount of free models that were uploaded at a time were to be limited. Maybe 10 models per publisher? maybe 3 to 5 free ones a day? a week? That is for you to decide but I can almost promise you that the 3d designers here on the site will end up moving on to another site if CG Trader gets over-populated by free models.

Posted 2 months ago

I uploaded some free models too. As for me it was easy to model them. But someone find it usefull for jewelry production (it is my interest). Fell free to ask me about it.

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