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A couple of weeks ago user "adobestock" purchased two of my models and he sells them on adobe stock under username "cgtrader". Is this illegal or am I missing something?


Posted over 3 years ago

Yes. I think the sales made by the user "adobestock" is actually the sales on adobe stock marketplace

Posted over 3 years ago

Aha ok, so you would get royalty’s if somebody buy your model there?

Posted over 3 years ago

@LemonadeCG @iterateCGI

Thanks. "adobestock" is actually cgtrader. I have contacted the CGT regarding this and they said I have allowed to publish my models because I have submitted them for PBR interior challenge. So I have requested to remove my models from adobe stock. Thanks

Posted over 3 years ago

Sub-licensing is 100% illegal, you will always remain the owner and only one to provide a valid license for using your work unless you have given someone ells written and signed permissions to Sub-license your work.

I would also go ahead and report this user to adobe stock team.

Posted over 3 years ago

If it's done without your consent, then no doubt it's illegal. I suggest you to contact CGT support ASAP.

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