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I can't get my head around cgt banning policy, why there must be more than one stolen model on thievs profile so he/she can get banned. Someone who is immoral and put stolen model on sale in my opinion won't bother modeling stuff on their own. At least my own expirience shows me that. Last night I got informed by ctg support that they banned 3 models that I reported, the problem is that those 3 models are sold as single product,so they don't ban seller, and the rest of his models are stolen also but that's the topic for some other time. I just don't get it, I get it if I look at this from other perspective, but I won't to look from that perspective, at least for now.


Posted 5 months ago

That's what several here including myself experienced when they reported stolen content. They only delete what you can proof as stolen. I needed to communicate 3 or 4 times till all models got removed of one thief and it needed another day or so till her/his/it's account was finally gone.

PhantomDesign wrote
I am expiriencing this over and over again. Why prolong inevitable ? (banning the thief) As far as this thing about posting stolen model by legit artist goes: There is this thing betwen legit artist that they are very proud about their work, so publishing stolen model for them is deep below honor.
Mineral3D wrote
But sadly that's not how markets work nowadays as it seems. Also disrespect and crimes are rising in any ways during this corona pandemic. :(
PhantomDesign wrote
Than, let's rename this to cgfrauder...
skapricorn wrote
@PhantomDesign. Fair idea! :)
PhantomDesign wrote
@skapricorn No, honestly why not, whenever I go (for example) Vehicles-Cars-Newest there is always (on a daily basis) at least 5 stolen models. For me that's huge, in a two days that's 10 and so on and so on ... So we get to the point where is quantity of published stolen stuff quite bigger than quanity of legit stuff.
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CGT should be more careful and less tolerant of copyright and intellectual property infringers, especially when the claim comes from the rights holders. Failure to do so can be expensive. Recently in the countries of the European Union, commissions have been created to coordinate the protection of intellectual property. These commissions perform mediation and arbitration functions, but also safeguard rights, and can direct their actions against infringing users and against information service providers, even if they are mere intermediaries, as long as there is profit or have caused or are likely to cause damage to the rights holder. They can order the removal of the infringing material and even the interruption of the service (temporary closure of the website, or definitive depending on the severity of the infringement). Allowing those who have already caused harm to continue to do so is negligent. Repeat offenders, who have already infringed on the rights of third parties, will sooner or later do so again if allowed, and the permitter is liable for failing to take the necessary steps to avoid repeated and imminent infringements.

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My experience shows that if you spot even one stolen model in a seller collection, when you search, you will always find more - in 100% of the cases.
So having to provide 4 models for a ban is really unnecessary tolerant for thieves.

PhantomDesign wrote
If there is a must for more than one model, why 4 ? I think 2 is enough, even 1 is.
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You can kill thieves or at least give them a good scare. Even if they declare insolvent, the fine can be translated into days in jail. At least the conviction would serve to disqualify them from opening accounts here, (according to internal regulations, and is also usually included in the sentence), so CGT should be very careful to comply with it and the situation would improve. Numerous firm judgments prove it, even in less serious cases in terms of volume and economic amount, for example this one from 2018 in Spain, in which the person who provided 25,000 free download links was sentenced to 2 years in prison and obtained a profit of 1,600 euros with it:


(I have separated the link to make it look complete)

No matter which country is the offender, Lithuanian laws apply here. The newly created commissions for the coordination of intellectual property protection (also in Lithuania) ensure that the rights of the owners are not infringed, they have the power to act, even without judicial intervention, (in the commissions there are members of the ministry of justice among others), but they must be informed so that they can act.

I think it is not to be taken as a joke. Violators must know what they are exposed to and that their days are numbered. We must fight to defend our rights and our future. At least I am going to do everything legally in my power to end this.

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Sad fact: yesterday I noted that in jewelry category were added lots of models. The number was so big.... i have no words. And MOST of those models are obviously pirated or at least are looking very familiar. When I opened 3d-printables/jewelry page yesterday early morning, it was like a mega-giga-hyper- deja vu. It was some new seller from South East Asia. And I had (and have) no more mental resources to dig all this shit, to find "evidences" and to report this seller as pirate. Yes, CGT sometimes (actually rarely) bans pirates, but anyway is doing this job very bad (and I think CGT is doing anti-piracy job slower since all worldwide covid-circus was started). At this moment I decided to not "hunt" furthermore for fraudsters/cheaters/pirates (again) at least some time. I'm tired. I have no courage, no motivation, I'm frustrated after half year long 3d-witch-hunt without really visible results. I loved CGT since I registered here. I loved how it looks, how it worked old days. But today I hate CGT because it compromised itself too many times (at least in my eyes). And month after month CGT is worsening more and more. From many points of view: no news, no interesting information, no good and funny contests... no FAIR competition... and every week new bugs and new problems with servers. Situation is BAD. CGT was last GOOD marketplace. And now I don't know where to place my models to have any chances to survive. And I don't believe anymore to CGT words "we are working on problems..." -- it's standard tech-support's bullshit like "do you rebooted your PC? is the problem gone away?)
Few minutes ago I looked at top designers ticker on the main page. And again, looking at "by uploaded models" list I see ONLY suspicious (or even DEFINITELY stolen models). With CGT's approach pirates will never be stopped... blah blah blah... Honestly, I feel myself smashed, hopeless, useless etc etc etc... and CGT is getting worse and worse and catastrophically worse...

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