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Can there be a default search filter? for example: "never again show jewlry in my searches"...
I mean, I personally have no reason or interest in that type of content, but nevertheless I have to spend pages and pages looking at jewelry in about 50 or more percent of the content offered...


Posted 20 days ago

It would be a nice feature considering the current state of search.

Posted 20 days ago

I wouldn't mind if jewelry models would be moved to a separate site, jeweltrader or something like that. I think people who are selling and buying jewelry models are looking for completely different things than the rest of the audience and it would be beneficial to all the sides if those vastly different categories would be split into separate sites.

HorizonSystems wrote
It's quite different than other 3D models but jewelry and 3d printing models should just have there own tab separate from everything else.

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