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Hey guys,

We have been receiving many questions about our bulk-import option lately. If you have many unpublished models we would gladly publish them to your CGTrader’s libraries in-bulk.

If you are interested please give me a shout at evaldas@cgtrader.com and I will briefly explain how to proceed.

Best regards,

Evaldas, Leading Account Manager at CGTrader


Posted over 2 years ago

What is bulk-import ?

iterateCGI wrote
Bulk is many at same time or all at ones, only for large library's of models, basically staff provides alternative means to get all the files up there faster with less hassle. Its not a standard feature in the uploader ;-)
evaldas wrote
Thanks, iterateCGI. :) That's exactly right. If you have many unpublished models we'll help you to get them all to your CGTrader's library at once. You can ask for assistance if you have 40+ good-quality models.
ElVisuelo wrote
Okay thank you ! :)

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