Brainstorm: what Plugins do you use?

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Hey guys,

I'm quite interested to know about the plugins that designers see as indispensable. I think this topic could provide a good base for your younger colleagues who might be looking for something to add to their software as well.

So, feel free to tell about the plugins you see as necessary. Where do you use it? Why is it so important for your modeling work?

Are there any plugins that seemed too complicated?

Pitch in!


Posted over 4 years ago

mirror animation fom parent to child. without flip matrix

Posted over 4 years ago

Advance Painter for 3ds Max.
It is usefull and easy and make scattering of objects fast and easy.

Posted over 4 years ago

I highly recommend to take a look at Para3D ( still am in learning phase with this but it's an awesome program that uses 3ds max parametric functionality and provides it through a user friendly node graph interface.

Parametric designing will increasingly play an important role in content creation for VR worlds, so good thing to get into this.

Nice thing about Para3D is that the design grammars that you create with this tool can be exchanged amongst user (sort of like plug-ins on their own).

Para3D provided a way of scripting visually using the 3ds Max scripting core without writing a single code.

Best introduction video's to Para3D can be found here (
Online documentation can be found here (

I also have GrowFX ( wish is specifically designed to make parametric plants but it can also be used to make other parametric designs and you can combine it with Para3D.

That's the nice thing about Para3D, it basically taps into the core of 3ds max, so al object types and modifiers are supported, even if those are plug-in modifiers/object types like GrowFX. If the plug-in is based on max scripting languish then Para3D is able to collect the input values and provide its means to manipulate them.

Check it out it gives you wizard super powers ;-)

Posted over 4 years ago

I model in Lightwave, so for modeling there, LWCAD is a must have, no doubt. LW brush is also very useful, it seems, although I don't have it.
For organic modeling, I'm on 3D-Coat and for texturing, I use substance painter and substance designer, without plug-ins for all of these.

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