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hey all,

is there any way to export "blend" material from 3dsmax into obj ? as some materials including maps like "fall off" , Retryce and blend does not exported when we export file from 3dsmax to obj or fbx.


Posted 10 months ago

Unfortunately not, just standard material map paths to slots diffuse, specular and bump, etc. are going to be stored in the .mtl file.

uzairali wrote
how can i solve my problem ? by texture baking oy anything you want to suggest ?
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To avoid all this trouble you best avoid using native 3ds max shaders if you are creating assets for sale and want broad reach.

Focus on PBR shaders, most favorably opt for Metallic/roughness PBR shader as that one is more convenient to work with. Almost all modern renderers are going to have universal PBR shader (except old 3ds max renderer), for example in Blender its called the principled shader, in Octane its the Universal shader, etc.

So the problem is that the native 3ds max renderer do not include a PBR shader so you need to use a third party renderer to get access to one. Ones you created correct Color, Metallic and Roughness maps for that type of shader, then those maps will work in all apps that include a universal PBR shader.

It would be just a matter of assigning those maps to corresponding slots in the other app and the shader is done.

Working with 3ds max is kind of a pain in that regard because upon OBJ export it looks to the material slot and needs to have standard materiel with textures (no exotic maps like raytrace, falloff, etc.)

The best solution I have found so far is to create my shaders/maps using a PBR shader (Octane in my case) and afterwards assigning those maps to slots in a standard material before exporting to OBJ.

The Metallic map then goo's in the specular slot and the Roughness goo’s in the glossiness slot, Color goo’s in the diffuse slot, etc.

In some cases this will turn out to get maps in correct place upon import to apps using PBR shaders but often maps turn out in wrong place. For example Roughnes then comes in specular and Metallic gets assigned to glossiness, etc. (depending on how PBR shader was implemented in the app).

Its different in different apps so no solution to ever have it correct everywhere.

Anyways, long story short, you indeed need to edit your textures and not rely on exotic 3ds max maps.

uzairali wrote
thankyou sir. this procedure is time taking but hope it'll work for me .. gona try it.
Posted 10 months ago

Perfect and useful answer!

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Well, I was going to reply but iterate just did it for me haha

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