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Because cgt doesn't want to put back online for the second time topic originally posted by the copycat himself, where he/she is calling for "blasting" copycats here on cgt but, doesn't realize that this site is visited by people so professional that he/she couldn't imagine. Because copycat as the author of the original topic asked cgt support to remove the topic, they advised me to open a new topic by myself, and since I'm a little tired of all those "wolves in sheep's clothing" on the forum and their copyright this copyright, stolen this stolen that i decided to listen to the cgt.

Since the best way on the forum to hide the fact that you are a copycat is reporting a topic (cgt should consider doing something about "report topic" button abuse).

Person in question:

Stolen designs

and others found by Jaguarbeastproduction

The purpose of this topic is solely to prevent selling those stolen designs at least for a limited amount of time, at least to those buyers who are reading the forum, since there is no FAQ or sticky topic options here on cgt forum. I know that this person will report this topic also, but since I'm the author now I will ask support to dealt with him/her


Posted about 2 months ago

And i was wondering where did that topic go. So the person who did run through the forum, calling for united effort to expose copycats, turned to be major copycat himself? So bizarre.

tobiasrieper wrote
Yep, I think that topic was created solely in order for him/her to see how things goes around here in regards to copyright, stolen design etc. Long story short, he/she wanted to see can you get away with it.

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