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Hi all. I am currently in the midst of writing by bachelor thesis on 3d scanning and the use of 3d scanned asset libraries in production. As a part of this I'm trying to collect some information from the community on their opinion and some knowledge. I would really appreciate if some of you would spare 5 minutes of your time to answer my survey.


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This image was created with the use of Quixel Megascans (their 3D scanned asset library). Can you distinguish which assets are imported from the library after a quick look -
so i would say this is not a fair question. 1. it does not show photorealistic nature of 3d scans (3d scans can look way better) also u ask to compare say trees and mushroom while tree is out of focus - what comparison is that? very biased.
on the other note - might be this might be of some interest for you -
and i am sure you know all there is to know on ethan carter,

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and some more related :

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