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I already sent two requests for access to the API, no one answered me. I wrote in support, but no one answered me. I am an application developer and have been waiting for a response for two weeks. I cannot finish creating the program because I cannot even check the API working with this site. I have fully prepared all the other modules except the module for working with this site. It has been 4 days since I wrote in support, which I have not been answered for two weeks.

What is happening with this site? Why is no one answering me? Why can't I use api? I never violated anything, I'm a simple 3D modeler. I just want to make my work more convenient and productive.


Posted 5 months ago

What are you talking about?

trockii95 wrote
I created an application to publish my 3D models on this site. but I can do this through the site, this is not enough for me. I publish my models on social networks and on my site, I don’t want to do this manually, so I started creating a program for this. the task is simple: upload models to cgtrader, publish links to them and a description on facebook, interagram and more. I completely created all the necessary program modules for working with social networks, I just had to configure the uploading of models on this site. and support denied me access to api. I HATE THEM!! I spent a month creating an application, when I could spend this time profitably, creating new 3D models. The developers have not reported anywhere that access to the API may not be granted, or that there are special requirements for this. So far, no one has explained the reason for the refusal. They are silent. Support did not answer me what the reason! I never violated the rules of this site, I always honestly made my models. I don’t understand why support treats me like that
trockii95 wrote
An application programming interface (API) is a computing interface which defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries. It defines the kinds of calls or requests that can be made, how to make them, the data formats that should be used, the conventions to follow, etc. It can also provide extension mechanisms so that users can extend existing functionality in various ways and to varying degrees.[1] An API can be entirely custom, specific to a component, or it can be designed based on an industry standard to ensure interoperability. Some APIs have to be documented, others are designed so that they can be "interrogated" to determine supported functionality. Since other components/systems rely only on the API, the system that provides the API can (ideally) change its internal details "behind" that API without affecting its users. info from wikipedia. i need this for my app can use functions upload, read my models posts (info, tags, photos ect), for get/post information from/to this site

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