any tips on what to start on

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im new and i use vectary since I don't have a lot of extra money and I 3d model in my of time what would any body who is experienced suggest to start doing to get better from the ground up


Posted about 1 month ago

If you're talking about earning money with 3D, I would suggest getting little 3D modelling commission jobs and try to get a few returning clients, whilst also building up the models on your store and seeing what works best for you.

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I would start by not setting your models to free! It hurts the industry for everyone else when people give away models and is no good for your pocket either.

Also, I would avoid modelling things that are copyrighted like StarWars, StarTrek, Disney etc. Most devs/ companies/ advertisers won't download them because of fear of copyright issues, no matter how good your models are.

Expand on your descriptions and offer more previews images as well mate. Info is a little lacking.

Good luck!

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i cant sell for money cause i don't have a credit card
Posted about 1 month ago

I agree with SimonTGriffiths. If you are determined to create fan art of Star Wars or whatever, then you're going to be stuck creating freebies because Disney is a tough company to deal with for Copyright or Trademark infringement. You can risk it, as some people have done, and offer the models for sale with Editorial licensing only. Meaning, the purchaser can't use it in commercial productions. This is typically the loophole used for models that fall under other people's intellectual property. For example, selling models of real-world cars. BMW is a good example of a company that decided to chase after the sale of models using their brand.

Disney doesn't really care if you're creating fan fiction for free, but once you start selling stuff under their brand, it's a catch-22 on how successful you can get. You may or may not get a cease and desist letter in the mail eventually, or worse. Especially if they think you're making a lot of money from it.

Posted about 1 month ago

its also a good idea, to not download others peoples work and upload them onto your profile on other platforms and start creating your own models.

Posted 22 days ago

You can check out on trending models sections and model accordingly

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