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Just wondering how often the analytics are updated? I would have assumed its live, however I've noticed it has remained the same for the past 6 months (could be the case I suppose but it looks odd to me).

I'm referring to the 'Categories' tab and sorted by 'Score' (defaults). Anyone else experienced this, or this this just on my side?


Posted 3 months ago

It looks like it's live as some numbers change, but there is hardly any movement for the top keywords. I find that odd too.

Posted 3 months ago

yea, i also wondered about that.
coincidentally, i was working on a model just to test that out.

the keywords for the model i am working on have a score of 100%, mostly because there is not one of this type of models on the market. When i upload this model, it should change this score in analytics.

not sure when i have a chance to finish it and upload, but i will post a update here when i do.

Posted 3 months ago

Thanks for the replies. Thats a good idea trimitek I will screenshot and check up on this in the coming months.

Great Polymath-Maniac, please update us when the time comes.

Much appreciated!

Posted 3 months ago

Any input on the site moderators would be very much appreciated.


Posted about 2 months ago

i finally got around to testing the system.
in summary, the analytics update almost instantly

i tested it on the key words, Pink Planet
according to the analytics system, pink planets were needed as only 1 was uploaded until now.
when i uploaded a model the analytics score went from 100% to 50%

i then uploaded a second model and the score went down from 50% to 28%
the Liquidity score also changed.

considering how fast it updated the score, i would say it is pretty much live

Polymath-Maniac wrote
models uploaded to test the system
trimitek wrote
Thanks for sharing the info!
Polymath-Maniac wrote
no problem, i was curious as well and posting it here takes no effort.
3DCargo wrote
Thanks @Polymath-Maniac, much appreciate you sharing as well!

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