Am i doing CGTrader right? (First model review request)

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Hello, my name is Ina and i'm new to sharing my 3D work with others.

I would love some feedback on my first attempt at uploading a model, from how it is presented to the model itself. Is it up to par with what the standard is on this site?

I am looking forward to beeing part of this comunety.

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Posted 5 months ago

Hello Ina.

looks nice for a first model, i would say, keep going.

As for if it is to standard, that is a tricky question.
It mainly depends on what you want to do.
For a free model, this is great. The information is filled out, you have made multiple renders and even an animation.

if you are planning on selling though, i would say that you need to ad just a bit more to it.
for example, as a fellow blender user i can tell you that blender is not the most popular format on the site. That is why it is important to export to multiple other file formats like FBX, Stl, etc.
OBJ is the most popular, and you got that one, but it never hurts to have more.

milkycobalt wrote
Thank you for the compliment and the feedback. I'll research how to export my file into other formats :)
Posted 5 months ago

I also agree with everything Polymath-Maniac said. You did a great job for your first upload. I think you were smart to include a variety of preview renders along with simple animation, and wireframe is very important. I think the quality of the model is good for a low poly asset. The topology is fine, and the shaders are simple, but also acceptable for a free item. Once you decide to start selling products, however, it will be very important to pay special attention to the textures and shaders on your model, especially for low poly assets. PBR textures are critical if you want to sell any low poly products here.

Also, as Polymath-Maniac suggested, Blender is not a very popular file format right now in the professional markets. However, it is growing now that some studios have incorporated Blender into their pipelines. If you are only offering Blender files as the native type, then I agree that you will definitely need to add a few more exchange file types with it. OBJ is fine for the freebies, but paid products will need to have FBX as well, especially for .blend native assets.

3dsmax (.max) is by far the most sold file types here, followed by Maya and C4D. STL is also a good seller here, but it is only useful with models that can be 3d printed.

milkycobalt wrote
Thank you so much for the kind words and good advice. I will be sure to add more textures in the future. Can i ask, do you normally make your own textures or is it ok to use free textures. What is the texture etiquette?
luxxeon wrote
It's ok to use free textures, as long as you are not selling the textures by themselves as a product. Including UV mapped textures with your models that you got from a free resource is perfectly fine and everyone does that. Very rarely you might find a strict texture license on free textures that prohibit any kind of commercial usage, but typically it's perfectly acceptable to use them to texture your commercial models.
Posted 5 months ago

I did not see your model... Only the description "3D model 1" without any preview picture :-(

luxxeon wrote
Did you click directly through the link in his first post? The model doesn't show up in his profile, I think, because it's a freebie. It's visible through the direct link.

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