Am I allowed to share my personal e-mail on My Conversations?

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Hi everyone.

Sometimes I receive personal messages from people who want to hire me. Can I give out my personal email or do I need to ask them to use the Hire me button on my profile?.



Posted about 1 month ago

can i delete conversation in my profile?

Posted 26 days ago

It's up to you really. If you're confident that you will be paid for your work and the client won't disappear the moment you will send him your work, then you can consider handling everything on your own without mediator. Personally, i think that 5% fee is acceptable price to pay for convenience of communication and most importantly for financial security for both, me and my client. I'd rather get slightly less and have peace of mind, knowing that eventually i will get paid for my work.

Posted 22 days ago

Hello guys, any official state in that topic?
Some time ago I got warning for sending external offer to clients, so I don't want to get blocked...

KristupasCGT wrote
Hi there, Communication outside of the CGTrader platform is indeed forbidden, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions (3.8. Keep all the internal communication with other CGTrader members inside this Site and do not ask or share contact details.) We have had many cases where customers were effectively scammed because of communications and transactions that occurred outside the platform. This measure was put in place specifically to avoid such incidences and to protect our users from fraudulent merchants. Even if the transaction takes place in the CGT platform but communication happens outside of it, we are at times simply not able to verify the validity of some of the claims and are unable to help our customers. Naturally, we do not inspect every single interaction and instance of communication, but if we ever do catch repeat offenders, they are penalized, especially if it is discovered that certain actions of this nature were done with malicious intent.

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