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Hello there!

For those who do not know, I'm 13 years old.

I wanted to know if it is a normal thing for you to be 13 years and be so lover about the computer 3d graphics

I also wanted to know if there are other members here so young, I'd hate to be the only one!

If you too are users of the 3d graphics so young, leave a comment! :D


Posted almost 8 years ago

Nice work for your age

Posted almost 8 years ago

your work are really nice
am i am 17 years old.

Posted almost 8 years ago

Hello Blender3dboy!

It's a golden time to start 3d graphics, there was no ability to learn 3d in my youth age, so keep up the good work :)
Maybe the story of Andrew Price will encourage you


Posted almost 8 years ago

Yes, I know Andrew Price! : D

Posted almost 8 years ago

Ah, anyway, if you must know, I have started to study Blender 3d when I was 10! :)

Posted almost 8 years ago

When i began to make picture on computer' i was ten.. and computer were black and white... or black and green... those were the days ;)

coolerinc wrote
So do I :) my first computer was sinclair zx spectrum. nostalgia!
Posted almost 8 years ago

Really? I started using Blender when I was 10, but before I drew each frame with "Paint" and then I put them together and did the mini cartoons even 10 minutes. I was about 8-9.
In all there were about ... 500 frames and each time I had to redraw them from scratch! :)
It was a little tiring but fun! :)

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