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I'm suggesting the Devs of this Website to Add 3D viewer like in Sketch fab, I don't mean to steal the idea, But rather to increase Truthfulness, because it is likely that someone uploads a model different from that one in Preview images


Posted 25 days ago

Benefit is minimal, possibility of potential issues (if not with security, then with page loading time and server load) is high. Argument about preview images is strange and very dubious.

Posted 25 days ago

On one hand:
Means more work. Do a nice Sketchfab viewer setup for each model and simultaneously on CGT too, apart from making preview images. I wish you much luck with your time-management dude.

On another hand:
Actually, really a good idea. For sure better as the dumb Turbosquid copy thing with verification of models data that, actually, still does not work at all, and most probably won´t never ever. Principally, it would be nothing else as to bed in Marmoset Toolbag files, but who knows how hard CGT could manage to make our Fbx files embedable on their viewer. They struggle already with the AI search, and the new verification, from the POV of development.
However, I noticed by the way that the trend in presentations todays on CGT goes aways from interactive MT previews.
I suppose it´s caused by the fact, that we all have much less time as before. Everything became much more time expensive today (work and private).

I like this idea very much, but I doubt people will find the time to make the setups additionally to creating their mandatory preview images for every model,. And it´s mandatory to have mtliple storefronts on different platforms to make a halfway noticeable ammount of money, thus, I doubt CGT could implement this feature in a satisfying and time saving way for the vendors.

Posted 24 days ago

There is a 3d viewer here on CGT and by the looks of it, it's working just fine. Example:
The main problem is that model can be stolen within seconds. Of course for some artists this isn't a problem.

akbarindra wrote
Some time ago, there was suspicious user that insist me to upload my model on sketchfab and add 3D Viewer , but i refuse because i already post a video preview of it. Why need a 3d viewer when there was already video preview, right?, it was clear that he want to stole the model
tobiasrieper wrote
I really don't understand what is the problem here ? Author of the topic asked for 3d viewer because (judging by the post) he/she wasn't aware that 3d viewer exist here on cgt , so i just pointed out that. I really don't care does cgt need other 3d viewer or is this existing one good enough or how someone will manage their time or will they sell their models here and on sketchfab or does setting up scene for 3d viewer consume time. I pointed out that models can be stolen from 3d viewer (you can get any model from sketchfab in seconds) just because there are people who aren't aware about this, although I don't care about that either.
CoderXTech wrote
I am doing ethically, just I wanted that for more truthfulness , I was new to this website since 2023-Febraury, Already I've seen a 3D viewer in CGT but It needs more updates , more security if there are ripping algorithms
Posted 24 days ago

Tobias, this is just a Marmoset Toolbag viewer file. It means additional work, you must create a setup in Marmoset Toolbag, so it is exactly what I wrote about, more work per model.
I used to have such viewer files implemented here on CGt but reached a point where it was just too much time effort.

Posted 23 days ago

"But rather to increase Truthfulness, because it is likely that someone uploads a model different from that one in Preview images" - contact the support, ask for refund on the basis that preview images are significantly different from what's downloadable, almost certainly your request will be 100% granted, problem solved.

Posted 20 days ago

thats nice but adding 3d viewer will also slow down the performence of the site and it also affects stealing 3d models from the page

Posted 20 days ago

hare is the only way of 3d viewer is marmoset viewer and its paid

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