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Account suspended without any contact.
Account that I spent 5 or 6 years (!).

Account name is AzuroStudio. The community can still see my cashed model's sites at cgtrader when you search for AzuroStudio in Google (graphics).

First 6 are my assets.

I work as an architect. I put there my work that I was making for clients mainly (90%) cleaning the scenes from commercial models.

My account was profitable about $300 / month. I was reacting for every single comment or support request.

Probably about $320 was taken (just before month end - to gather more...) for "cover costs for my malicious activity". Could i get clear with that???

Getting account suspended I FEEL VERY DISAPPOINTED AND CHEATED by cgtrader.
Honestly... If I wouldn't feel like that I wouldn't write here becouse it is COMPLETELY UNFAIR due the time we made a business and due the fact of architectural models - interior and exterior scenes that 90% percent of work is custom work, even if there is left any commercial proxy you forgot about. More over in some assets I got info in description that some of plants models seen on render not included and refer to wireframes.
As I said FEEL CHEATED due the fact of my custom works on interiors and exteriors comparing to some users that put tons of game ripped models WITHOUT ANY custom work... VERY VERY UNFAIR to threads the same....

ArchViz is massive percent of your market. I am very interested how community comment fact of closing accounts in that situation???

Don't you think would be fair to suspend some assets and contact to remove the unauthorized content??? When account is 5, 6 years a vendor of models and seen by thousands of designers and happy customers without complaints???

Marius Kalytis, please get closer to that. I think you should interest in that case becouse you cutting hands that feed you...


Posted about 1 year ago

You admitted yourself that you had used stolen models for years, so why would you call that "completely unfair"?
Your excuses are kind of funny.
Do you see anywhere in the law - Stealing 10% of somebody else money is legal??
Or 'if 60% of people steal, you are also allowed to steal' ..a little bit?
You are right that there are tons of stolen content on CGT, but CGTrader did not cheated you, you had cheated CGTrader by putting stolen content on their pages and they are completely right to ban you for that.
If they start to selectively ban thieves, based on how much money they make (like you suggested), that will make them legally an accomplice in the crime.
I'm sure that they will not want that.

Posted about 1 year ago

No, I am just honest with the community and cgtrader that it could HAPPEN not in PURPOSE!
Just i am in shock that it is done like this! Full account suspension instead of assets + any form of warning / contact! insane...

Posted about 1 year ago

Support is suspending only assets if they are just a few.
They ban the account when there are more.
These kind of thing does not happen by accident.
You had signed an agreement when you joined and you had violated it - by the same agreement CGT has the right to ban you without warnings.

Posted about 1 year ago

What is not happen by accident is ripping game models.

I would like support to review this case and suspend assets.
If decision still be the same please give me names of the assets.

Posted about 1 year ago

So let me get this straight, you sell stolen models, you are banned and you came here to argue ? Is there any dignity? Any ?
So most of us here are fools beacause we made our own models and you are smart because you won't waist your time on that , why would you , you will just put other peoples hard work on sale. Sad for you that doesn't work that way.

Posted about 1 year ago

Not stolen! Look at my asset first to judge! in my case i would like to know the person at least open scenes or just ban looking at renders?

There are a LOT of active once at the moment:
(took me 5 min to find)

big pine tree just in front of house is actually evermotion! if i get banned for leaving some proxy so why this author is not??? common lets be fair.

LemonadeCG wrote
Why would support needs to open your scenes? If your renders clearly shows presence of assets that you don't own, then it means that either you're including them in your scene, or you're deceiving the customers by false advertising of your product. In either case, such product should be removed from marketplace and if your store if full of such scenes, then your account is subject to removal without questions. Quite simple, isn't?
PhantomDesign wrote
His thinks that support should only remove stolen models from profile and never ban profile. So he put stolen models , they remove those , he wait's couple of hours maybe days put new stolen content and all is well. So what's the point in baning stolen models if you don't ban the profile. I think he still don't realize what he has done to himself by posting this on forum.
Posted about 1 year ago

I agree with you. You can report those you find with link to the original model to support and we will see if they will be banned too.

PhantomDesign wrote
Yeah , He should report every single one of it's colleagues.
Posted about 1 year ago

You had said that this tree is from Evermotion - if you have proof for that you should report it and if support finds that to be true he will be banned.
Everyone who publishes pirated models for sale is a thief.
What is so complicated to understand here?
If somebody steals your phone and tries to sell it, will you call him innocent, because he is also selling paintings that he made himself?

feelcheated wrote
"If somebody steals your phone and tries to sell it, will you call him innocent" No. But what if your phone was in the pocket of a jacket that your mom sell? you call your mom thief? would you shoot her or just ask why???
PhantomDesign wrote
Will you shoot yourself ? Just by mistake
Posted about 1 year ago

Agree. But is a difrence between when you leave some of comercial model by mistake in your building scene (becouse you dont model for cgtrader but for clients) and when you just publishing untouched files!

PhantomDesign wrote
Comercial models can't find their ways into any scene by mistake especialy in those that are on sale. End of story.
Posted about 1 year ago

reported him.

if he will not be banned, i repeat my request to support to delete my asset instead of blocking account.

trimitek wrote
You should report 3 more scenes to be sure he will be banned. Otherwise support may just remove this scene and leave the account intact. I'm sure it will be easy for you to find more.
Posted about 1 year ago

Wait.. sorry.. is CGT the mom here or you? Your logic is a bit weird?
No, seriously .. you were caught selling models that are not yours.
What do you expect and what are you trying to achieve?
You want CGT to ask every thief:
"Why are you selling stolen content?"
And when the thief says:
"Oh sorry I accidentally put all of those stolen models in my scenes. I rendered them, uploaded them and I just didn't noticed..."
CGT should say:
Oh, ok then, you had violated the law and our terms and conditions, but that's ok, you can stay and keep selling..

Is this how you see it?

PhantomDesign wrote
Why are you bothering with this guy? He is nothing more than a ... , support is watching.
PhantomDesign wrote
And yes , that's how smart peoples see things, those who are smart and put stolen models on sale. By mistake of course.
trimitek wrote
Just trying to understand the logic behind this behavior..
Posted about 1 year ago

will just wait for support response. do not answer anymore PLEASE. all that questions wasnt to you but for support. just all you jellus about $300/month for 6 years :) understood ;)

trimitek wrote
You had asked "I am very interested how community comment fact of closing accounts in that situation??? " I think you had received your answer. Nobody likes cheaters like you and nobody will respect your kind.
Posted about 1 year ago

Just want to ask the SUPPORT for suspensions of assets not account.
if it is no posible AT LEAST would like to know name of the assets and reasons of that decisions... or just asking to much for that years of cooperation?

Posted about 1 year ago

You feel cheated? You cheated your buyers for 5 years putting them in danger of reputation loss and legal problems.
You should be happy that your account was just suspended and you are not being sued for all the money you made in 5 years.
Everyone who bought your models with stolen content should be refunded and this should go from your pocket.

Impudence of some thieves here is unbelievable.

Posted about 1 year ago

Just HAHAHA for Spanish guys JAJAJA...
Thieving does not have honor so he is crying here.

PhantomDesign wrote
When you read the whole thing (topic) the only thing someone can do Is laugh for hours. There is no point to write anything. It's very bad and sad that we are surrounded here by those types of peoples.
Posted about 1 year ago

Understand your frustration and you are jealous ;) but didn't say I am not interested in your opinion anymore ;)

Wish you guys better sales and not get in that situation ;)

For cgtrader support is a shame that could not even point the reasons of suspension...

That's why I DO NOT RECOMMEND to new users this platform. Worst for ArchViz authors.

Have rights to have my opinion and I just get it on :

Regards to support and bye bye...

PhantomDesign wrote
We are jealous ? I think it's the opposite. Last time I checked you are BANNED for selling STOLEN models ,not me and qur, the whole purpose of this stupid topic created by you is because you can't do anything about it. So the only person here who are jelous and frustrated is you. I'll stop waisting my time on thieves like you.
feelcheated wrote
This topic is all about there no one send a proof or even info ;)
trimitek wrote
Your words from your first post: " I put there my work that I was making for clients mainly (90%) cleaning the scenes from commercial models. "
trimitek wrote
I think your confession counts as a good proof that support had banned you for a reason.
Posted about 1 year ago

Even if the models were yours (original, not "borrowed" and personalized):

- if the models were made for customers, authorization from those customers is required to sell them.

- If they were made while working for others, (in a studio, company ...), the models are the property of that studio, company ... and only that company could dispose of them (also with the client's authorization).

On the other hand, in addition to what has already been mentioned, what strikes me most about this thread is:

The high amount obtained (more than $ 20,000) and the long period of time in which this activity has been carried out (6 years). Or put another way, the great damage caused to the true authors of the models. Markets must not consent to this and must assume their responsibility (which they do have). Markets are the ones that can and should prevent this from happening, asking for the necessary documentation in each case. I bet there is no valid software license here either, and it won't be long before we see this user's reappearance (in fact, he's already done so under his new name).

But above all, this phrase strikes me:

Probably about $ 320 was taken (just before month end - to gather more ...) for "cover costs for my malicious activity". Could i get clear with that ???

It seems that CGT benefits from these activities and justifies it in the expulsion notices, which it sends to the offenders. Something that some users did not want to believe, but it seems to be confirmed.

I am increasingly clear that the solution to this problem does not go through the markets.

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