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Do I need to open a card to get cgtrader money on paypal


Posted 4 months ago

I'm unsure what you mean by open up a "card", but you need to open an account on PayPal in order for CGTrader to transfer money there.

Virtual-world wrote
I have an account but the card is not opened
Posted 4 months ago

I'm assuming you mean, you haven't linked your bank card to the account. If so, the money will remain in PayPal until you either spend it, or link your bank account to your PayPal account to transfer money in or out.

Posted 4 months ago

Payoneer has better service, from my personal experience.

LemonadeCG wrote
In my experience payoneer's support is absolute garbage. Even if they offer better commissions than paypal, you will regret it when you'll have issues and will need help from them. Paypal support isn't ideal either, but at least they are responding.

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