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I have a scene which I saved with 0 overlapping vertices, checked 100x, and everything is also OK according to xView, non-overlapped UVs, etc.

This is it:


BUT... Due to an unknown bug(?), every time I re-opening the scene in 3ds max, xView shows 5614 overlapping Vertices (!?) /model has 8232 verts
total, this is on a specific area, where I used the chamfer modifier before converting the whole thing to editable poly./

All other xView parameters are still ok, just this d.mn Vertices thing..
The model still looks the same, no visual artifacts in the viewport nor glitches at the rendered image.

I found a very quick solution for this, but I'll have to redo at every re-open:

Select the model, xView -> 'Click Here To Configure' -> set tolerance to 0,001cm, update with xView ('Click Here To Update'), and DONE.
0 Overlapping Vertices. Save the scene.

Is that correct, what I'm thinking, that this is just a bug with max (or xView is just not reliable enough)?

Any help is much appreciated.


Posted over 3 years ago

I don't see how it can be called a bug, rather than inefficient/careless modelling. If majority of vertices in your model are in less than 0,01 system units from each other, then naturally xview in its default settings will show as overlapping vertices. You have few solutions to this situation. You could remodel everything with less dense geometry or you can sinply change system units to smaller ones and rescale your object accordingly. The first option would require much more work, but would produce better product, while second one would get rid of errors with minimum efforts.

EndUser wrote
Absolutely correct, that was not a bug. I remodeled some part of it, now the model has no issues, xView is showing zero errors. Poly count was also reduced to 3k. (Hope I have time, to finish the final renderings.) Thanks for the help.

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