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Although I defend that it is necessary to know how to draw to handle a 3D modeling program to its full capacity, I think it is obvious to everyone that the ability to model in three dimensions has opened the way for an infinity of applications, businesses, and professional careers, for the development of which, the ability to draw is not essential.

I say this because I believe that it is necessary to make those who approach this universe see that they really have a vast territory ahead of them to discover and exploit.

I'll give an example: not long ago, a client bought my squid model, I asked him, and he told me that he planned to print it in silicone to use it as bait in his fishing work, the silicone model would deceive the fish with its movement, if the thing worked would be able to produce it in series and bring it to the market.

I would never have imagined something like this myself, there was a business there, and whoever realized it could take advantage of the results of technology in an unprecedented way.

I think there must be many such cases, and perhaps it would be of benefit to everyone if we publicly explained our experiences in that sense.


Posted 3 months ago

Hi mate, I'm sure there are many uses for our models on here but the squid idea isn't new. I was using rubber squid lures in the 1970s fishing for salmon lol.

One of the biggest sales/ downloads I've had is a plant pot I made for a game...It has been 3D printed countless times and used as a real plant pot for strawberries lol. Incidentally, I made it for the game Morrowind as a quick clutter model. The model itself (not on this site) still bears the none descript name I gave it at the time "emptysquarepot". Go figure lol.

stereomanik wrote
even if the squid idea was not new, it was for me, and opened a new panorama to me, in any case, this is what i asked for, what your experiences are from this viewpoint, so thanks for sharing
trimitek wrote
Object: EmptySquarePot / Level: Legendary / ; )

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