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I wanted to share a free maxscript I created for those who want to easily convert their 3dsmax Vray models to Blender (Principled BRDF) with correct default settings on import for materials. Requirements are 3dsmax Vray Roughness workflow. Details listed below.

What does it do?

It takes a Vray Material with Roughness workflow, converts it to Standard (Legacy) material and is ready for export to FBX. You can extend on the script or modify it for your needs.

A secondary benefit of the import into Blender is that its ready to be exported straight to GLB/GLTF. Please note you will have to input the Occlusion texture yourself if you intend on exporting to GLB/GLTF.


  • Diffuse texture, Diffuse Color, VrayColor in Diffuse

  • Roughness texture

  • Metal texture

  • Opacity texture

  • Normal texture

  • Normal DirectX to OpenGL (3dsmax uses DirectX & Blender uses OpenGL, its done via naming convention eg. Normal_DirectX.png Normal_OpenGL.png - Optional)

  • Sets the correct Specular level for Blender

  • Sets Reflection to White

  • Sets Dielectric or Metallic material for Blender (depending on if Metal texture is used)

  • Sets Gamma settings for sRGB and Linear images

  • Can convert VrayMtl, Vray2SidedMtl, Multi-Material. You can edit the functions in the script to add more material types if you use them

Tutorial & Script

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