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Hi everyone, hope you can offer some suggestions, I'm using 3ds Max 2015 with vRay 3.0

I have an Vehicle model which I'm trying to put materials on. Trick is I'm trying to paste some decals on top of another material. So essentially a double layered material.

I did some research and it seems like a vRay_Blend material is best suited for what I want to accomplish.

So I created some bitmap images in photoshop and put them on top of a base layer and with an unwrap UVW modifier it worked.

However it seems that any black colour on the bitmap images don't come through. Even a dark grey doesn't show.

So I'm forced to use dull colour instead of black and it just doesn't stand out like the black decals would.

Is anyone able to tell me what settings I need to fiddle with to get a bitmap with black colour to come through on a vRay blend material.

Or another solution to this. I just need to be able to put sticker like decals over the paint.

Any help would be mutely appreciated. =)


Posted over 4 years ago

My guess: you need an alpha channel too, otherwise Max/Vray will assume that the transparency is modulated by the decal colors themselves.

Posted over 4 years ago

I don't know why, but most folks goes with a blend material for such simple task like decals. While blend is extremely useful material in certain scenarios, it also takes noticeably longer to render. In many situations, single material with composite map is more than enough.
As for decals itself, usually you'd want to control colour and opacity with separate texmaps. That way you'll gain most control over your material. Try to google for vray decal tutorial, i'm sure there's plenty material about that on the web.

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