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Hi everyone. What is the main difference between 3dsmax and Maya. I searched a lot, I asked this question to many designers too. But nobody can answer normally. And I can't find normal information about this. Why 3DS Max is good for modeling? and why Maya is good choose for animation. Pls help me to find answers.


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Yah its been so confused to a starters to choosamywhich is the one for us. I started with max

krishnadasthaivalappill wrote
Yah its been so confused to a starters to choose which is the one for us. I started with max so i am pretty good with it but actually which software ? I am saying u should learn blender its opensource and free,it has painting,sculpting,compositing,tracking .modelling,animation, and even has network rendering for use absolutely free . If i known blender when i was started as beginner i definitely choose blender. Although now adays it doesn't matter which software u use the thing is how perfect is ur output
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Well Max was mostly used to create videogame models. Maya was mostly used to create models for Hollywood. Nowadays I do not think there is much difference because they are owned by the same company. I think Autodesk owns both of them so I think even the user interface is becoming more and more similar.

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It's not that strait forward, you indeed need to know in more detail what information/answers you need, because if you would simply like some strait forward information to be able to make a distinction on what is better, then you would be on a perpetual endeavor.

They are both great toolsets that perform overall same functions, interfaces are somewhat different but generally everything that one can do in Maya one can also do in 3ds max.

You could go on and on in comparing but it basically comes down to what one personally prefers to work with.

Best go in try them both and feel watt works best for you.
It is good to know what type of work you need to perform the most and see how the different toolsets compare on that (what do they deliver on that specific front)?

For example, if you would be modeling most of the time, then see how the modeling features compare and so on.

But in the end it comes down to what one feels most comfortable with.

One could argue that this or that tool is better but when it does not feel well in hand for a given person then it will not work well for him.

I'm used to work with 3ds max, that toolset feels most intuitive to me so everything I would say would be more biased towards 3ds max.

Vise versa a Maya type would be more biased towards Maya.
The basic take away is that they are extensive toolsets and you can basically perform same factions with them.

If I would be starting from scratch I would probably also consider toolsets like blender, that toolset is free and it has a big community of users and lots of updates, those are also aspects to consider.

If lots of procedural generation is your thing then you would probably best go for Cinema 4D or Houdini, better for motion graphers etc., they are known to have extensive procedural means.

Sorry if this not really helps but probably no one is going to give a strait forward answer on this.
Best break the things you need to know or want to do down to its constituents, work out what information is needed most and work yourself out from there.

I can also say this, the tools don't make you the artist, they are not the decisive factor on that, You can be a great artist on whatever toolset.

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Master both if you can afford that. Otherwise look at what's more popular. Currently in CGT database there's 150 000 models in max format and 15 000 models in maya format. Max seems to be way more popular, on the other hand, choosing maya may give you advantage, as there's less competition.

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A short answer would be. Both can do the same, but Max has a very good modifier system for modeling, and Maya is better for animation. That's just a very shallow answer, but these two things are often the core differences one points at. But you can do everything with both programs, so in the end it's a matter of preference. High end user usually try to learn both and Modo. Modo is getting stronger and stronger as well.

In archviz, 3ds max seems however to be dominating.

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They are all right. It really depends on what you want to do with the software. Word of caution if you want to use them to apply to jobs make sure you know and learn the software the specific company uses. There is no point in learning Maya if the company you are applying to uses Max. In a company type environment you need to work with what the team is working.

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