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Will there maybe be a challenge for people who are teenagers (around 16 years old) as I would really like to enter the 3D printing kids challenge, but i just turned 16 yesterday and I have been longing for a chance to create models against teenagers and kids instead of professional adults as I could see what some kids are coming up with as well as giving me some fairer competition.I know this sounds selfish and stuff but look at what the professionals can do as it is probably their job, they own a 3D printer already and they can afford the top end CAD software which us teenagers don't have access to.

Thanks Luke


Posted almost 5 years ago

I'm really sorry you can't compete in the Kid's Challenge..... And I think you are correct about the age...... Maybe they could do -14, then like just teenagers, and then just professionals? I think that'd be nice :D Anyways, sorry you can't compete, and if I can help you in any way, please, just let me know ;) Also, if I may ask, what software do you use???


Posted almost 5 years ago

Well, as it it might seem like good idea, I don't see any problem with "no-limit" challenge. The sooner you learn that the world is not fair and that you have to always give it maximum to get some progress, the better it will be. Don't compare your work only with someone of the same age, always compare it with the best ones and study it. This way you'll learn and practice. Not to mention that age doesn't matter here and the software really doesn't mean anything. People create great things in Blender while others suck at Maya and it doesn't really help them that they have expensive software.

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