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Ok so I failed the PBR challenge - my first attempt was met with
feedback saying to change colour & hide seams & match closer to
(low resolution) reference images with more detail. I thought I had
addressed theese issues & re-submitted with better topology &
maps - but then told I had failed with no feedback as to why. I have
attached what I sent the 2nd time. Can any PBR experts help?!? Be as
brutal as you need to be it's the only way to improve & the CG
trader staff can't be bothered to explain the reasons why someone doesn't meet their standards.


Posted about 2 years ago

Wildcat have many freelancers now, way more than there's available tasks. I guess they raised the acceptance bar significantly, so now only the best applicants are able to pass. At the beggining, when all this thing started, literarilly anybody could pass their test.

3dcn wrote
It's what I suspected - thanks for replying
hagaghhagag wrote
what if you fail it does that mean you cannot apply for it again

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