MakePrintable's Sci-fi ships Challenge - a chance to make your 3D design into a 3D printable one

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Hey guys,

We've just launched a competition for 3D Printable Sci-fi ships - the best thing about it, you can make your 3D designs into 3D printable ones with MakePrintable online service! Try it out and let us know how that goes!

Here's everything you need to know posted in regarding the challenge -

Here's the page for MakePrintable's supported formats:

Finally, the challenge page is here:


Posted about 3 years ago


It's really great that such 'repairing' sites exist. Also the 3D print platform Thingiverse is connected with Make Printable I think so I tried it once.
With big objects, it worked quite well because the changes are not too big.
But when I tried it with my Lego Minifigure, the hands suddenly seemed like those of Hulk because they were 'too small'! So just modelling and repairing is way not enough, it's better do design your model with the fact in mind that it should be 3D printable.


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