WW1 Wooden Ammo Crate (BF1 Style)

Discussion started by clockwisestudio

LINK : https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/military/other/... or Click Here!

This is a Wooden Ammo Crate inspired from BF1 and PU:BG . It was really great to make it . Its openable and animatable ,with separated and non-separated FBx and OBJ files ;) And its quite cheap for its quality as I am trying to become a steady seller in CG trader ... Im done with Turbosquid ...seriously ....They only care about millionaires ;)

Hope everyone is having a great day ,if you guys could answer a question... Do the jobs posted in the Jobs Section are secure ? Like ...they are pre-paid and wiht Cg trader supervision . I have seen many people happy with them and some with problems :)

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