why my models don't sell enough

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hey, im modelling different 3d objects with high quality but they don't sell as much as i put effort on it
can you please take a look at this one and tell me what can make it better?
pm me if you needed sample files


Posted 2 months ago

For example this: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/military/armor/10-warrior-helmets

It's not high quality. Low-mid quality (and that's in the best case).
Example high quality helmets: https://www.armorhead.store/helmets/

Even without wireframes it is already clear that there is nothing in common with the “clean and principled topology”.

It's the same with all other models and brushes. All done very fast and very carelessly.

Regarding descriptions. If text was compiled by a copywriter who, in addition to this, within an hour wrote twenty more articles on various topics (none of which he understands anything about) then of course there are no any questions, ok.

Cutting of the stones on 7th render called “Too much schnapps” or “Heating turned off”?

Learn in more detail about retopology, Lazy Mouse and EdgeLoop settings and more practice with them.

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