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Hello everyone! I want to show you my new personal project - fan-art for character Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad cinema.

After watched trailer of this film I'm very impressed and want to create this character.

I made sculpting in Zbrush

Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag 2

Texturing in Quixel Suite

Cloth simulation in Marvelous Desinger

Retopology in 3D Coat

Her polycount is 28 230 tris


- Bat - 4k
- Body - 4k
- Cloth 4k
- Eyelashes - 512*512
- Eyes - 512*512
- Face - 4k
- Ground - 1k
- Hair - 2k
- Teeth - 512*512
- Tongue - 512*512

You can buy this character on CGTrader -

Hope you liked it =) Enjoy and happy viewing!

Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Artofcharly


Posted 11 months ago

In comic books, we usually see the Joker character alongside Harley Quinn. But who is Harley Queen really?
Harley Quinn, the negative lady of DC's illustrated stories has a strange and complex past.She is commonly known as the Joker's mistress and works with him to destroy Batman and harass the residents of Gotham City.Harley is one of the most beloved characters in DC comics with a long history.
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